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As the world opens up after covid, The language groups will help you learn more language to converse with confidence with our European friends where ever you chose to travel

French (Advanced) (5386/languages)

An opportunity to improve your knowledge and ability in French in a convivial atmosphere using contemporary sources. A reasonable existing level of spoken French is assumed, and needed, as authentic French texts and videos will be used.

German (Continuing) (5389/languages)

A course for revising and using already known German, through speaking and reading a variety of German texts from or about Germany, Austria & Switzerland. Additional costs to members - £4 photocopying.

Italian Beginners (5399/languages)

This is a complete beginners' class for people with NO knowledge of Italian or the bare minimum. We practise conversing with, and understanding, basic vocabulary and phrases so that learners should have acquired a basic 'get by' fluency, i.e. they can order coffee, ask the way, understand menus, etc. by the end of the year. In this first year, we barely touch on grammar - we leave that for Year 2! £1/£2 a week for photocopying and coffee.

Italian - Continuing (5400/languages)

A mixed ability class. Everyone has a basic knowledge of Italian and some are very fluent. We practise conversation, listening and written comprehension, individual research, and this year, perhaps, we'd better revise some grammar! Photocopying and coffee - about £1/£2 per session.

Spanish Intermediate (14770/languages)

Somos un pequeño grupo de personas interesadas por el español que ahora ha logrado un nivel intermedio. Nos juntamos cada semana para compartir noticias y conversaciones. Leemos y traducir textos y a menudo repasamos puntos de gramática. Nos vamos turnando para coordinar cada clase semanal.

French Conversation (39460/languages)

Informal conversation combined with some necessary grammar. Some knowledge of French is essential. We use the BBC book: The French Experience 2. I will administer the group and the teacher will be Jen Rowlands. Extra costs are likely to be around £2 for photocopying per term and 50p weekly for tea/coffee.