Providing opportunities for older people in Craven District and neighbouring areas

Joining Craven u3a

Welcome, the Craven u3a membership year runs from September 1st to August 31st. It has cost £33.00

However if wishing to join from 1st January 2023, the costs are below

You can join Craven u3a online today, there are three options

1. Individual membership £17.00
2. Individual membership with TAM £20.50
3. Associate membership £17.00

The u3a organisation publishes a magazine three times per year: Third Age Matters (TAM). The
additional charge to subscribe is £3.50 annually.
If you are a member of another u3a you can join as an Associate member.
In addition to the membership fee there is a nominal charge of £5 every 11 weeks for each group
you attend. Please bring cash to the first meeting you attend. NB This is ONLY for activities using a
venue we pay for. Thus outdoor, zoom activities and those where Group Leaders generously use
their own homes are free.

We hope this provides clarity as to the membership fees and group charges.

You can join Craven u3a online today, to become a member, by using your credit card on PayPal:

You can pay by debit card or credit card using the link below. 

You do not need a PayPal account to pay by card.

Alternatively, please submit this form to register an interest in joining Craven U3A. You will be added to our contact list and notified of the enrolment process in July/August.