Providing opportunities for older people in Craven District and neighbouring areas

Our Craven u3a

We are based in Skipton but have members attending from as far as Dent and Leeds.

The u3a believes that there is no age limit to learning and creative activity and that keeping a lively mind and healthy body is essential to mental and physical well-being. Craven u3a provides over 80 groups giving members the opportunity to expand their knowledge in specialist areas, learn new crafts or skills, or participate in indoor or outdoor activities to enhance or maintain their fitness and stamina. There is no lower or upper age limit, but we primarily appeal to those retired from full time work.

All groups are run by members. Any member can propose to lead a new group if they have an activity or interest that they want to share or develop with other members. The Venue Secretary and Programme Secretary can help and advise on how to form a new group and assist in finding a suitable venue if necessary.

The u3a started in France in 1972, with the first British u3a opening in Cambridge in 1982. Craven u3a was founded in 1985 as an autonomous branch of the National u3a.

Craven u3a highlights