Providing opportunities for older people in Craven District and neighbouring areas

Join a Group

From 9th August 2022, members may apply for membership of interest groups on-line.

Members without access to the internet should contact the membership secretary to receive a group enrolment form. 

If you come to The Open event, which will be held in the Town Hall in Skipton on 9th August 2022 you can receive help with joining if required. Do come along between 2 and 4pm

From today 9th August 2022 you will be able to join a group for the 2023 year.

Using the link below you will access the Groups page

Click on the group listed that you are interested in and a page will appear with 4 choices at the top. Click on the tab called Members

At the bottom that page add a member either by your name or using your membership number. You will either be added at member or placed on a waiting list. You will be contacted by the Group leader

Current Year: 2022-2023 Programme (runs to late August 2023)