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Ever thought you could develop your artistic skill here in Skipton? We offer courses to explore your more creative side and enjoy spending time with friends to help you develop your artistic flare

History of Art (5393/art)

Art and architecture from Bronze age to Post Impressionism

Arts Forum (46207/art)

This is a fortnightly participatory Discussion Group from 2pm on Mondays where each member contributes image/s of a piece of artwork , theme of an artist/s to discuss. We are on Zoom to be inclusive cheap and to maximise use of images. The aim is for each member to present once per term over the projected two terms . Ideally the maximum number for the group is 11 and the minimum 5. NB we are now a fortnightly group requested by the majority of members.

The World of Art (46218/art)

A guide to art galleries of the world - essentially Europe and the U.S, their collections and highlights, as well as costs and practical information. Inevitably along the way we meet new and familiar artists and movements and share our enthusiasms and not! The leader provides powerpoints and virtual tours/selection of highlights and books for reference but there is plenty of opportunity for members to present brief guides to their favourite galleries and artists and all are encouraged to bring their books/photos and recollections. Last year we learnt a lot from one another and made friends as well as visiting Manchester's Art Gallery.

Water Colour Painting (46556/art)

A painting group for all levels. There is no formal tuition but group members help each other.