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German (Continuing) (5389/languages)

For those with a knowledge of German, an interest in improving oral skills, and reading a variety of newspaper/magazine articles from German speaking countries.

Italian Improvers (5399/languages)

This is a 2nd year class with students who have studied with the U3a for one year only. Anyone with a VERY basic fluency and/or reasonable confidence with foreign languages i.e. fluent in another language (ideally latin-based) or having acquired a very basic 'get by' knowledge in Italy would be very welcome. This year we will be extending our very basic vocabulary and starting some grammar from the beginning.

Italian - Continuing (5400/languages)

This class is for students with a reasonable level of fluency whether obtained through study or visiting/living in Italy. We spend some time chatting in Italian. We d a listening exercise every week, and comprehension exercises that can be prepared at home. We cover a wide range of topics focussed mostly on Italy and things Italian. Occasionally we do some advanced grammar or translation.

Spanish Intermediate (14770/languages)

Somos un pequeño grupo de personas interesadas por el español que ahora ha logrado un nivel intermedio. Nos juntamos cada semana para compartir noticias y conversaciones. Leemos y traducir textos y a menudo repasamos puntos de gramática. Nos vamos turnando para coordinar cada clase semanal.

French Conversation (39460/languages)

This course is ideally suited to people already able to speak some French and who want to improve their ability and confidence in the spoken word. The class is often split into small groups to discuss topics and also to present a piece to class on a chosen subject. Modern texts and articles are used for reading aloud and to stimulate discussion. Grammar and the written word are also covered.

French From Scratch (54129/languages)

Conversational French to equip you for your next holiday in France. No previous knowledge preferable!French from Scratch is suitable for complete beginners as no previous knowledge will be assumed. The emphasis will be on speaking and understanding the spoken language so that participants will gain the confidence and skills to communicate with French people as they travel across the Channel

Film - French (54188/films)

The Film group is perfect for a chilly, damp afternoon. Just drop in when you can...or come every week and make new friends. Contact Wendy at 01756 752907 Just come and join us.

Film International (54189/films)

Do join us for our Drop In Film Club. 1.30 - 4.00 Champions Church Skipton. International Films with English sub-titles. Parking at Morrisons free for three hours. Thursday 4th January How Green was my valley: Welsh, Thurs. 11th Jan. The Quiet Girl : Irish, 18th Jan. Gabbeh A small carpet : Iranian, 25th Jan. Golden Door : Italian, 1st Feb. Of Horses and Men af hestum og monnum : Swedish, 8th Feb. Familia Rodante Rolling Family : Argentinian, 15th Feb. Il Cielo Cade The Sky is Falling : Italian, 22nd Feb. Pelle the Conqueror Swedish/Danish, 29th Feb. Living It's never too late to start : British1st March Like Water for Chocolate Como agur para chocolate. Do join this flexible self help group. Come when you can. You are always welcome. There is a tea break. Wendy 01756 752907

Film International Extra (54194/films)

This is a ten week course offered in both the autumn and spring terms, providing films from around the world, with English sub-titles. There will be refreshments at 50p and a chance to meet other members. Join us for a wide variety of films from around the world. Most films are certified 12 or PG. All have English sub-titles.

French Advanced (54195/languages)

An opportunity to improve your knowledge and ability in French in a convivial atmosphere using contemporary sources. A reasonable existing level of spoken French is assumed, and needed, as authentic French texts and videos will be used.