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The Wonders of Technology and Science

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Astronomy (5394/science)

The night sky and understanding the universe are at the heart of Craven u3a's astronomy group. We will meet monthly this winter, in Skipton's Sandylands Sports Centre, for our talks and discussions. We aim to share knowledge in a friendly informal way, and beginners are most welcome. Each month there will be a presentation on some aspect of astronomy and space exploration, which may include video. We will also discuss what can be seen in the sky at night, what stars and planets are visible in Skipton at the moment, and other events such as an eclipse or meteor shower.

Science+Technology discussion (35161/science)

Discussion of current scientific topics that are of special interest to group members. If members have expertise in a particular area the group would welcome a presentation. The group distributes discussion documents via their website: so familiarity with internet technology would be an advantage. Meetings are held in a hybrid in-person/Zoom format. We will have the internet and a large screen at the venue so that participants and articles can be display to all.

Stories of Scientists (38681/science)

A series of talks presenting the life and work of scientists and engineers, some of whom deserve better recognition, having flown under the radar, especially women scientists and engineers. The breadth of topics is very wide and covers not only recent achievements but also those from history, e.g. the North Yorks doctor who discovered the link between typhoid and contaminated drinking water. The talks are given by members of the group.

Basic Meteorology (54121/science)

Why does it rain or snow? What makes the wind blow so hard? What on earth is the Adiabatic Lapse Rate? If these questions give you pause for thought, then a six session course on basic Meteorology may shed a little (insolated) light on the matter. The course will concentrate on those of us who go outdoors and are exposed to the elements, hence participants will be encouraged to make observations and discuss their own experiences of how the weather has played a part in their lives. There will be a steady breeze of description, showers of explanation with pictures (interspersed by occasional light anecdotes). We will avoid any turbulence caused by arithmetic.

Nature Rambles (54134/walking)

Nature study and observation in the broader local Skipton area. Occasional short walks in locations chosen by group members for guided observation of plants, insects, and other fauna in readily accessible situations. Walks will be weather dependent and notified to group members via email and WhatsApp. There may be very short notice (24-48 hours).

Railway Group (54204/indoor)

Talks on a wide variety of Railway and related topics from historical to modern mainly British but some foreign content included. The talks are given by a mix of group members and guests - some from the railway industry.