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Choose from a wide range of activities for you enjoy, Do you play Bridge and would like a group to play with? How about the fascinating world book reviews or learning the art of beautiful writing. Craven u3a offers you the opportunity to do either or both

Calligraphy (5378/indoor)

Three Links Club - Thursday 10.00 - 12.00 7 Oct – 20 weeks. This is a self-help group and is therefore not suitable for complete beginners.

Mah-Jong (5402/indoor)

Mah Jong is an old Chinese game based on three suites, winds and dragons. It stretches the mind, is competitive and satisfying, but needs concentration!!

Multi Media (5403/indoor)

Multi Media class is fun with many disciplines covered. Help and encouragement is always available. Watercolours, felting, mosaic, embroidery, knitting or crochet: the choice is yours.

Coastal Navigation (14754/indoor)

The aim of this course is to introduce you to coastal navigation, which has many similarities to map reading and finding your way on land, but with the added interest of how to chart your position at sea including the effects of tides and wind. The course will cover Admiralty and Imray charts and their symbols, Fixing your position at sea, Effect of tides and wind, Plotting a course on the chart, Sailing a course, Use of electronic plotter, Planning a passage, Useful knots. You will learn navigation by doing up to 30 ‘exercises’ using the Firth of Clyde chart. There will be a cost of £6 for notes (£2 if you print out your own); some Firth of Clyde charts will be available (about £20 if you buy your own).

Play Reading (35114/indoor)

Something for everyone: we choose a play suitable for reading aloud as a group. Each person takes a character in the play. We do the reading from script, no memorizing required! We use some plays which are out of copyright and therefore free, and some modern plays where we pay a small fee. New members can join in at any time. Additional cost £3.75 occasionally for a play script. Additional costs to members: £3.75 occasionally for a play script.

Bridge Play (38441/indoor)

For those who have played Bridge and want to improve their duplicate game. There may be a ‘tip’ on bidding or play at some meetings with a look at any interesting hands. Additional cost of £1 to cover cards and travelers. Last Bridge afternoon is now Thursday, 14th April 2022.

Exploring Poetry (38449/indoor)

Members will be invited to discuss poems each week, selected by Denise, on one of the following themes - Poems remembered from childhood, Friendship, Loss, The Senses, Journeys, Conflict, The Natural World, Family Life, Women, Schooldays. Other suggestions gratefully received!

Flower Arranging (38669/indoor)

This is a hands-on, have-a-go practical course, suitable for all skill levels from complete novice to experienced arranger. The session format consists of each member doing their own arrangement, a break for refreshments, each member explaining the ideas and process that informed their arrangement, a discussion about the next technical aspect. My principal aim is to provide a supportive environment in which we can develop skills and creativity together. Members source their own materials, from their garden, foraging or shop.

Railway Group (38680/indoor)

A varied programme of illustrated talks, some given by guest speakers and others by group members. A very wide range of subjects will be presented both modern and historical, with a bias towards Britain's railways, but with some coverage of overseas railways. Tramways will also figure in the programme. Any additional costs to members - £1 per week to cover coffee etc and guest speaker expenses.

Creative Writing (39109/indoor)

We will initially use email as our main method of communication. There is no date or time. Members may contribute (usually by attaching a Word document to a group email) at any time with each fortnight. Members may choose to make private, constructive comments to the contributor. We may consider Zoom or venue meetings, depending on the wishes of the group.

Quilting and Sewing (40133/indoor)

Sewing is a wonderfully extensive skill that can be applied to small and large, simple and complicated projects. Items to use daily or pieces to give as presents. Everyone can sew, you just require a vision of the finished project and the determination to complete it. If you enjoy sewing or want to learn to sew then come along and join our group. We are interested in making all things patchwork from placemats to sophisticated quilts and all the other ways of using this versatile skill. Bring your own work, or a basic sewing kit and some fabric if you want to learn something new. I have ideas for simple starter projects. Everyone welcome, from experienced Quilters/ dressmakers to complete novices. We can all teach each other what we know and ask for help with what we don’t know. We meet in Christ Church Hall, it is large room with plenty of ventilation. Tea, coffee and biscuits available. There will be the possibility of self funding sessions from March to May. Additional costs - Donations towards cost of refreshments.

Indoor Games (41713/indoor)

The Group will provide an opportunity for members to meet socially during the winter months and to enjoy some friendly competition. The Club will provide full facilities for darts, dominoes and pool and members will also be able to access card & board games. The Group will meet once per week over a 10 week session. Refreshments will be available for purchase from the Lounge bar during the afternoon. Additional costs to group members - £10 payable at the first group meeting.

Bridge Beginners (46040/indoor)

An introduction for beginners who are interested in learning to play Bridge. I will hand out detailed notes on the ‘Benjamin Acol’ system of bidding and how to play the cards; you will then play set hands which illustrate the bidding and play. There will be a cost of £6 for the handout notes, (reduced to £2 if you download and print them yourself).

Coffee and Chat (46042/indoor)

Café behind Holy Trinity Church (Top of High St) – Wed 10.00, 21 Sept. Max 12 A friendly group meeting to discuss any items of interest from a paper or magazine in the last week over a cup of tea or coffee.

Craven u3a Newsletter Group (46043/indoor)

- Fancy being part of the Newsletter Team? Want to try your hand as a ‘roving reporter’ or a budding photographer? Craven u3a newsletter is produced by and for Craven u3a members. It is distributed by email fortnightly from October to March, and monthly during the summer. The focus is on Craven u3a's group activities, at a half or one A4 page per group. We try to get as many groups as possible to contribute to each issue. You could be a reporter in a group you participate in. Each written report would be accompanied by picture(s), so if you want to develop your skills in photography or desktop publishing, do join us. This is a team effort, we largely communicate by email, with occasional face-to-face meetings.