Providing opportunities for people who are retired from full-time employment in Skipton and neighbouring areas

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We have many popular groups for indoor fun, games, and fitness ideal for retirees in Skipton, and the surrounding area.

Mah-Jong (5402/indoor)

Mah Jong is an old Chinese game based on three suites, winds and dragons. It stretches the mind, is competitive and satisfying, but needs concentration!!

Table Tennis (5424/sport)

Have fun and improve your fitness and coordination at the same time. Beginners welcome.

Allotment (6804/outdoor)

The group meets together at 10.00 on Sunday morning to work on two allotments exclusive to u3a and a third communal plot on which we have a dedicated space. During the summer we work on the plots more frequently and have a watering rota.

Bridge Play (38441/indoor)

Craven u3a play Duplicate Bridge at Draughton Village Hall on Thursday afternoons between the dates shown in the calendar.  A friendly group which welcomes all, from the area round Skipton, who have played a bit of bridge (see the ‘Bridge - Supervised Play’ group if you are a beginner).  There is a charge of £1 for the year to cover the cost of cards and travellers.

Walking Netball (38683/sport)

To introduce ex-players to a sport they have always loved or to engage adults in a sport they didn’t realise they could enjoy. We will develop walking netball skills at a slower pace for everyone to increase physical and social health ; open to everyone ; there is a health questionnaire for participants to assess themselves , anyone unsure if they are fit to participate should speak to someone at their GP practice.

Bridge - Supervised Play (46040/indoor)

This group is for Craven u3a Members who have had some bridge lessons and wish to get practice to improve their game.  You will bid and play random hands.  I will then comment on your bidding and play and then say how, and why, I would have bid and played each hand.  Advice to improve your game will also be given.

Sunday Lunch Club (54179/indoor)

Whats App group who agree monthly Sunday Lunch Club venues

Stretching/Yoga (54180/sport)

Exercise to improve flexibility posture and balance. You should be able to do shoulder stands and sit down on your heels, Floor work is a crucial part of the class. Please bring a mat and bottle of water and wear comfortable clothing and soft shoes

Stretching/Movement (54181/sport)

Gentle exercise to improve flexibility posture and balance. Some standing, but mostly chair exercise. Please wear comfortable clothing and soft shoes and bring a bottle of water.

Aerobic/Strength/Fitness Train (54184/sport)

The course is aimed at improving overall body fitness levels. Activities include some upper body strength training as well as the generally accepted aerobics workouts,resistance training incorporating light weights and use of gym equipment,Numbers are limited so Members should be prepared to do press-ups squats lunges and be able to sustain some high intensity aerobic exercise (HIIT). Suitable clothing essential & towels required for cool down. Please bring water and check with your doctor that HIIT is OK for you as heart rates will be elevated. Subject Details

Indoor Games (54199/indoor)

The group provides an opportunity for members to meet socially during the dreek winter months and to enjoy some FRIENDLY competition. The Venue provides full facilities for darts dominos and pool. Members also have access to a wide range of board and card games including scrabble chess/draughts monopoly canasta whist and bridge. Members are very welcome to bring along their own games to try out. Refreshments are available for purchase from the Lounge Bar during the afternoon.