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Wednesday – Groups for 2023-24

Updated May 2023

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Italian Improvers (5399/languages)

This is a 2nd year class with students who have studied with the U3a for one year only. Anyone with a VERY basic fluency and/or reasonable confidence with foreign languages i.e. fluent in another language (ideally latin-based) or having acquired a very basic 'get by' knowledge in Italy would be very welcome. This year we will be extending our very basic vocabulary and starting some grammar from the beginning.

Craven u3a Orchestra (5407/music)

If you play, or have ever played, an instrument you will be welcome at the orchestra. Our members have varying levels of skill from beginners to the highly proficient, but all share an enthusiasm for making music together. Our repertoire ranges widely over the musical landscape from Mozart and Haydn to Johann Strauss. We also play music from films and musicals. The rehearsals are always an enjoyable and rewarding way of spending an afternoon.

Spanish Intermediate (14770/languages)

Somos un pequeño grupo de personas interesadas por el español que ahora ha logrado un nivel intermedio. Nos juntamos cada semana para compartir noticias y conversaciones. Leemos y traducir textos y a menudo repasamos puntos de gramática. Nos vamos turnando para coordinar cada clase semanal.

Stories of Scientists (38681/science)

A series of talks presenting the life and work of scientists and engineers, some of whom deserve better recognition, having flown under the radar, especially women scientists and engineers. The breadth of topics is very wide and covers not only recent achievements but also those from history, e.g. the North Yorks doctor who discovered the link between typhoid and contaminated drinking water. The talks are given by members of the group.

Quilting and Sewing (40133/indoor)

ewing is a wonderfully extensive skill that can be applied to small and large, simple and complicated projects. Items to use daily or pieces to give as presents. The Quilting Group embrace all aspects of sewing. Everyone can sew, you just require a vision of the finished project and the determination to complete it. If you enjoy sewing or want to learn to sew then come along and join our group. We are interested in making all things patchwork from placemats to sophisticated quilts and all the other ways of using this versatile skill. Bring your own work, or a basic sewing kit and some fabric if you want to learn something new. I have ideas for simple starter projects. Everyone welcome, from experienced Quilters/ dressmakers to complete novices. We can all teach each other what we know and ask for help with what we don’t know. We are part of the Skipton U3A and meet in Christ Church Hall, it is large room with plenty of ventilation. Sessions are on Wednesdays 10am to 12am starting on 20th September 2023. Tea, coffee and biscuits available.

Aerobic/Strength/Fitness Train (54184/sport)

The course is aimed at improving overall body fitness levels. Activities include some upper body strength training as well as the generally accepted aerobics workouts,resistance training incorporating light weights and use of gym equipment,Numbers are limited so Members should be prepared to do press-ups squats lunges and be able to sustain some high intensity aerobic exercise (HIIT). Suitable clothing essential & towels required for cool down. Please bring water and check with your doctor that HIIT is OK for you as heart rates will be elevated. Subject Details

Croquet (54185/sport)

The group provides friendly, social competition playing 'Golf Croquet' from the beginning of May to the end of September (weather permitting!). There is no need for previous experience. The rules of Golf Croquet are very straightforward and it is easy to pick up, so there is no problem in starting to play quickly. Instruction and guidance on how to play croquet will be given with the kind assistance of members of Pendle and Craven Golf Club. It is equally suitable for men and women. All equipment will be provided. Flat soled footwear is essential. Weekly fee for playing will be confirmed by Group Leader.

Geography Forum (54197/science)

Talks in Skipton by members of the group covering geography history places people weather geology holiday trips walks