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Wednesday – Groups for 2023

Updated May 2022

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Aspects Art and Architecture (5373/art)

A follow on course from the History of Art (but it is not essential to have done History of Art first). The course looks at art and architecture in Britain in the 19th Century and the Western World in the 20th Century. The course includes an architectural tour of Leedson 31/10/18. Photocopying £3/term.

Astronomy (5394/science)

Weekly lunchtime talks on new discoveries, from planetary missions to observations of the distant universe. A different topic will be presented each week. We may also meet outside to look at the night sky on a good evening.

Italian Beginners (5399/languages)

This is a complete beginners' class for people with NO knowledge of Italian or the bare minimum. We practise conversing with, and understanding, basic vocabulary and phrases so that learners should have acquired a basic 'get by' fluency, i.e. they can order coffee, ask the way, understand menus, etc. by the end of the year. In this first year, we barely touch on grammar - we leave that for Year 2! £1/£2 a week for photocopying and coffee.

Multi Media (5403/indoor)

Multi Media class is fun with many disciplines covered. Help and encouragement is always available. Watercolours, felting, mosaic, embroidery, knitting or crochet: the choice is yours.

Craven u3a Orchestra (5407/music)

If you play, or have ever played, an instrument you will be welcome at the orchestra. Our members have varying levels of skill, from beginners to the highly proficient, but all share an enthusiasm for making music together. Our repertoire ranges widely over the musical landscape – Dowland, Handel, Schubert and Vaughan Williams have all featured in our annual concerts. We also play music from films and musicals. The rehearsals are always an enjoyable and rewarding way of spending an afternoon. We are very much looking forward to meeting together again after our long break and hope you will join us. There may be small charge for music or additional rehearsal.

Spanish Intermediate (14770/languages)

Somos un pequeño grupo de personas interesadas por el español que ahora ha logrado un nivel intermedio. Nos juntamos cada semana para compartir noticias y conversaciones. Leemos y traducir textos y a menudo repasamos puntos de gramática. Nos vamos turnando para coordinar cada clase semanal.

Aerobics - High Intensity (35084/sport)

Numbers are limited so members must be able to do press ups, squats, lunges and be able to sustain some high intensity aerobic exercise (HIIT). Suitable clothing essential, 2x1kg weights, mats, towels required for cool down. Please bring water. CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR THAT HIIT IS OK FOR YOU AS HEART RATES WILL BE ELEVATED.

Iron Curtain: The Trauma (35120/history)

The heart of the course will be the paranoiac experience of raw socialism at all levels of society in the six Iron Curtain countries from 1944 to 1989. Due attention will be paid to the wider pre-war European background as well as to Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 with its perturbing parallels with the Soviet take-over of Eastern Europe some 75 years ago.

Croquet (38443/sport)

Instruction and guidance on how to play croquet will be given with the kind assistance of P&C.C.C. members. Croquet is equally suitable for men and women. Although the game is competitive 'Golf Croquet' players are on the lawn together so you will find it a friendly and sociable sport. All equipment will be provided, flat soled footwear is essential. Weekly charge of £3.50

Geography Forum (38450/science)

The Geography Forum runs a series of talks by members of the Forum and some outside speakers with a Geographical connection. This can include geography, geology, climate, history, physical activities, social and cultural experiences, in any part of the world.

Stories of Scientists (38681/science)

A series of talks presenting the life and work of scientists and engineers, some of whom deserve better recognition.

Film International (38730/films)

All films have sub-titles in English and are sourced from around the world. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available for £1.50.

Quilting and Sewing (40133/indoor)

Sewing is a wonderfully extensive skill that can be applied to small and large, simple and complicated projects. Items to use daily or pieces to give as presents. Everyone can sew, you just require a vision of the finished project and the determination to complete it. If you enjoy sewing or want to learn to sew then come along and join our group. We are interested in making all things patchwork from placemats to sophisticated quilts and all the other ways of using this versatile skill. Bring your own work, or a basic sewing kit and some fabric if you want to learn something new. I have ideas for simple starter projects. Everyone welcome, from experienced Quilters/ dressmakers to complete novices. We can all teach each other what we know and ask for help with what we don’t know. We meet in Christ Church Hall, it is large room with plenty of ventilation. Tea, coffee and biscuits available. There will be the possibility of self funding sessions from March to May. Additional costs - Donations towards cost of refreshments.

Coffee and Chat (46042/indoor)

Café behind Holy Trinity Church (Top of High St) – Wed 10.00, 21 Sept. Max 12 A friendly group meeting to discuss any items of interest from a paper or magazine in the last week over a cup of tea or coffee.

Exploring Mythology (46044/history)

Members will be invited to explore the origins and functions of mythology in cultures around the world. We will look at similarities and differences, sources of possible historical verification, the social and religious significance of myths and any effects these have had on art and literature.

Film - French (46045/films)

Join us for an autumn of French films, old and new, with English sub-titles. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available for £1.50

People A Story to Tell"" (46051/history)

A series of short and long talks on 'People' by Craven u3a members. The talks may be about their mothers or grandfather's, artists or authors, scientists or historians, politicians or sportsmen. Everybody has a story to tell on someone they know or knew, studied or read about, admired or disliked, followed in the news, remembered, or someone who is little known about.

Climate Forum (46458/science)