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Friday – Groups for 2023

Updated July 2019

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French (Advanced) (5386/languages)

An opportunity to improve your knowledge and ability in French in a convivial atmosphere using contemporary sources. A reasonable existing level of spoken French is assumed, and needed, as authentic French texts and videos will be used.

Table Tennis (5424/sport)

Have fun and improve your fitness and co-ordination at the same time. Beginners are welcome. £3 per term for balls etc.

Sacred Music Medieval Baroque (14771/music)

We will follow the development of religious music from early plainchant through Renaissance polyphonic masses to the splendours of the Baroque oratorio and cantata, from Hildegard of Bingen to J.S. Bach, and learn a little about the life story of each of the composers.

Crown Green Bowls (Group 1) (38444/sport)

Instruction and guidance on how to play Crown Green Bowls. £1 every time you play. Flat soled shoes or trainers must be worn.

Crown Green Bowls (Group 2) (38445/sport)

Instruction and guidance on how to play Crown Green Bowls. £1 every time you play. Flat soled shoes or trainers must be worn.

Railway Group (38680/indoor)

A varied programme of illustrated talks, some given by guest speakers and others by group members. A very wide range of subjects will be presented both modern and historical, with a bias towards Britain's railways, but with some coverage of overseas railways. Tramways will also figure in the programme. Any additional costs to members - £1 per week to cover coffee etc and guest speaker expenses.

Summer Programme 2022 - DC (44375/)

Moby Duck: journey pf 28,000 ducks in the Pacific Ocean: In 1992, a cargo ship container fell into the North Pacific depositing over 28,000 rubber ducks into the ocean. Their journey has sparked the interest of beachcombers and scientists the world over. Find out why, with the talk which Meg’s father, Gareth Davies, prepared but never had chance to give.

Summer Programme 2022 - DB (44379/)

The economic consequences of Margaret Thatcher 1979 - 2022: In 1979 Margaret Thatcher became PM. This coincided with a major shift in economic policy, the consequences of which are now being revealed in social and economic data, thus enabling us to make an evaluation of what happened

Summer Programme 2022 - CA (44381/)

Chicago – It’s my Kinda Town: How did an ancient canoe portage lead to the development of the world’s busiest airport? What links a pet budgerigar to the Burj-Al-Arab in Dubai? And what has any of this to do with Lonnie Donegan? All the answers – and much more – are to be found in this fascinating insight into the history of a settlement of 100 souls in 1830 which grew into one of the world’s great cities.

Summer Programme 2022 - CD (44385/)

Wordsworth in Yorkshire: 2020 was the 250th anniversary of William Wordsworth's birth. Whilst he will always be associated with the Lake District, his family originally came from Yorkshire, and he and his sister Dorothy travelled and walked extensively in Yorkshire, often visiting Bolton Abbey. The talk will explore their travels, walks and writings about Yorkshire.

Summer Programme 2022 - CC (44386/)

Forgotten figures of the Renaissance: We shall explore the lives of four engaging Renaissance characters, now almost forgotten, who had a major impact on European events and culture. Meet a young prince who promised so much; a queen who lost a throne, but founded a dynasty; an engineering genius; and a flawed, reclusive emperor.

Summer Programme 2022 - CB (44387/)

Cryptic Crossword Puzzles for Puzzled People: This talk is aimed at anyone with an interest in cryptic crosswords but who struggles to solve and analyse clues. It is not suitable for anyone who is already a competent and successful puzzler.

Summer Programme 2022 - CE (44388/)

The Magic Flute – Mozart; what is this enigmatic opera all about: With the help of some commentaries and particularly a DVD recording some attempt will be made to answer the question posed. I f you do not know this opera come and enjoy listening to the superlative music.

Summer Programme 2022 - CF (44389/)

Watching bumblebees: We often enjoy seeing the busy buzzing bumblebees in our gardens throughout the summer, but do we really engage with what they are doing and how they live? This talk will explore the physical features of bumblebees, their variety and fascinating life cycle, and their importance to our environment.

Summer Programme 2022 - DA (44390/)

Film: The lives of others - 2006 German Oscar-winning psychological and political thriller, directed by Flo-rian Henckel von Donnersmarck. As Gerd Wiesler, a Stasi operative, spies on writer Georg Dreyman and his beautiful partner Christa-Maria, he assesses his own life and morality. In German with English sub-titles (15),132 mins.

Summer Programme 2022 - DD (44392/)

“Music across the boarders” – mountain trekking with a cello in the Balkans Peace Park: In May 2019 seven young English folk musicians travelled for seven days through the mountains of Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania, sharing their traditional music with local people and musicians in 17 different places. A PowerPoint presentation then a video collage of scenery and music.

Summer Programme 2022 - DE (44393/)

Medieval mystery plays focusing on the York and Wakefield Cycles: This talk will describe how the plays developed in ecclesiastical and outdoor settings around Britain with reference to European staging. It will focus on the York and Wakefield Cycles as originally performed and on modern-day performances around Britain, including for example in Chester and the National Theatre

Summer Programme 2022 - DF (44394/)

Assessing Risks in the Age of Covid: We have all been trying to navigate the risks presented by the pandemic. But how do individuals make these judgements? What are the conscious and unconscious biases which influence our view of risk? This talk aims to give participants some insight into our fallibility in these tricky times

Bridge Beginners (46040/indoor)

An introduction for beginners who are interested in learning to play Bridge. I will hand out detailed notes on the ‘Benjamin Acol’ system of bidding and how to play the cards; you will then play set hands which illustrate the bidding and play. There will be a cost of £6 for the handout notes, (reduced to £2 if you download and print them yourself).

World of Art (46218/art)

A guide to art galleries of the world and their collections and the best places to see specific artists and movements. Presentations will include highlights of the collections, best times to visit and cost for example. Group members will be encouraged to share their own experience of galleries and recommendations Some photocopying costs <£5.