Providing opportunities for people who are retired from full-time employment in Skipton and neighbouring areas

A-Z Groups List

Ad Hoc Walking (54183/walking)

Based in Skipton the Ad Hoc Walking group has no programme; walks are proposed by group members at short notice taking advantage of good weather. Any group member can propose a walk anytime, anywhere, any length. The proposer can set the maximum group size. Groups are usually small (historical maximum: 18, average: 6). On joining the group, you will be sent the latest guidelines.

Adventure into Classical Music (54120/music)

Are you looking for a Music club in Skipton? Do you enjoy listening to classical music but wish you knew more of it and more about it? This group aims to cater for you - we shall listen to all sorts of music - often starting from something familiar and then exploring pieces that relate to it, always accompanied by some explanation or story which sheds new light or asks an intriguing question. There will also be a strand of discovery in each meeting - on this occasion we shall be looking at the development of the string quartet over the last three centuries.

Aerobic/Strength/Fitness Train (54184/sport)

The course is aimed at improving overall body fitness levels. Activities include some upper body strength training as well as the generally accepted aerobics workouts,resistance training incorporating light weights and use of gym equipment,Numbers are limited so Members should be prepared to do press-ups squats lunges and be able to sustain some high intensity aerobic exercise (HIIT). Suitable clothing essential & towels required for cool down. Please bring water and check with your doctor that HIIT is OK for you as heart rates will be elevated. Subject Details

Allotment (6804/outdoor)

The group meets together at 10.00 on Sunday morning to work on two allotments exclusive to u3a and a third communal plot on which we have a dedicated space. During the summer we work on the plots more frequently and have a watering rota.

Arts Forum (46207/art)

This is a fortnightly participatory Discussion Group from 2pm on Mondays where each member contributes image/s of a piece of artwork , theme of an artist/s to discuss. We are on Zoom to be inclusive cheap and to maximise use of images. The aim is for each member to present once per term over the projected two terms . Ideally the maximum number for the group is 11 and the minimum 5. NB we are now a fortnightly group requested by the majority of members.

Astronomy (5394/science)

The night sky and understanding the universe are at the heart of Craven u3a's astronomy group. We will meet monthly this winter, in Skipton's Sandylands Sports Centre, for our talks and discussions. We aim to share knowledge in a friendly informal way, and beginners are most welcome. Each month there will be a presentation on some aspect of astronomy and space exploration, which may include video. We will also discuss what can be seen in the sky at night, what stars and planets are visible in Skipton at the moment, and other events such as an eclipse or meteor shower.

Basic Meteorology (54121/science)

Why does it rain or snow? What makes the wind blow so hard? What on earth is the Adiabatic Lapse Rate? If these questions give you pause for thought, then a six session course on basic Meteorology may shed a little (insolated) light on the matter. The course will concentrate on those of us who go outdoors and are exposed to the elements, hence participants will be encouraged to make observations and discuss their own experiences of how the weather has played a part in their lives. There will be a steady breeze of description, showers of explanation with pictures (interspersed by occasional light anecdotes). We will avoid any turbulence caused by arithmetic.

Birdwatching (5377/outdoor)

Meetings are weekly and alternate between indoor meetings at Bolton Abbey Village Hall where we have presentations for members and visiting speakers and some DVDs and trips by car sharing or coach to nearby birdwatching spots. Many are RSPB reserves so membership is useful. The groups is co-ordinated by Jacqui but many long serving members help with leading small groups on trips/ giving presentations/ sorting I.T and making coffee. New members welcome!

Bridge - Supervised Play (46040/indoor)

This group is for Craven u3a Members who have had some bridge lessons and wish to get practice to improve their game.  You will bid and play random hands.  I will then comment on your bidding and play and then say how, and why, I would have bid and played each hand.  Advice to improve your game will also be given.

Bridge Play (38441/indoor)

Craven u3a play Duplicate Bridge at Draughton Village Hall on Thursday afternoons between the dates shown in the calendar.  A friendly group which welcomes all, from the area round Skipton, who have played a bit of bridge (see the ‘Bridge - Supervised Play’ group if you are a beginner).  There is a charge of £1 for the year to cover the cost of cards and travellers.

Calligraphy (5378/indoor)

We are a small friendly group with various levels of experience. We don’t have a tutor but would welcome anyone wanting to learn a new skill or revive what they learnt at school. We can provide books equipment and guidance to get you started. You might just enjoy the mindfulness of the practice or you might want to produce works of art - the choice is yours. If you are unsure whether it would suit you feel free to try it for a few weeks.

Craven u3a Orchestra (5407/music)

If you play, or have ever played, an instrument you will be welcome at the orchestra. Our members have varying levels of skill from beginners to the highly proficient, but all share an enthusiasm for making music together. Our repertoire ranges widely over the musical landscape from Mozart and Haydn to Johann Strauss. We also play music from films and musicals. The rehearsals are always an enjoyable and rewarding way of spending an afternoon.

Creative Writing (39109/indoor)

This is not a normal U3A group! We do not actually meet... unless by chance... or for social reasons. We communicate by email and each fortnight a new topic is set. We then have two weeks in which to send our contribution (preferably by attaching a Word file) to the rest of the group via a group email address. Contributions can be prose, poetry, drama scripts or whatever. Members may then send private feedback/comments to the writer. There is no obligation to write, or to comment, and the deadlines are flexible. In fact, we don't really like rules. We always treat each other with respect and try to keep to a 500 word limit so that we are not overwhelmed by having to much to read. Suggestions for topics are always welcome. The key is to have a go... use your imagination... and be creative!

Croquet (54185/sport)

The group provides friendly, social competition playing 'Golf Croquet' from the beginning of May to the end of September (weather permitting!). There is no need for previous experience. The rules of Golf Croquet are very straightforward and it is easy to pick up, so there is no problem in starting to play quickly. Instruction and guidance on how to play croquet will be given with the kind assistance of members of Pendle and Craven Golf Club. It is equally suitable for men and women. All equipment will be provided. Flat soled footwear is essential. Weekly fee for playing will be confirmed by Group Leader.

Crown Green Bowls (Group 1) (54186/sport)

Instruction and guidance on how to play Crown Green Bowls.

Crown Green Bowls (Group 2) (54187/sport)

Instruction and guidance on how to play Crown Green Bowls.

Culture Vulture Club (54124/outdoor)

WhatsApp group who agree trips to theatre, cinema live Arts etc in local towns

Days out with a bus pass (54125/outdoor)

WhatsApp group who arrange regular days out

Economics (54126/science)

Simple guide through basic economic theory to enable a better understanding of how it influences people's lives

Exploring the Countryside (54167/walking)

This is a series of summer walks in the Skipton area. Each month we have an informally guided walk in the Craven countryside or village in the Yorkshire Dales. The walk may take about two hours, and may involve a cafe or picnic. Each walk will be organised by a member of the group who will circulate beforehand by email some background information about the place and its history. We will lead the first trip, to Linton, then rely on other volunteers. No dogs, please. We try to use public transport where possible.

Film - French (54188/films)

The Film group is perfect for a chilly, damp afternoon. Just drop in when you can...or come every week and make new friends. Contact Wendy at 01756 752907 Just come and join us.

Film International (54189/films)

Do join us for our Drop In Film Club. 1.30 - 4.00 Champions Church Skipton. International Films with English sub-titles. Parking at Morrisons free for three hours. Thursday 4th January How Green was my valley: Welsh, Thurs. 11th Jan. The Quiet Girl : Irish, 18th Jan. Gabbeh A small carpet : Iranian, 25th Jan. Golden Door : Italian, 1st Feb. Of Horses and Men af hestum og monnum : Swedish, 8th Feb. Familia Rodante Rolling Family : Argentinian, 15th Feb. Il Cielo Cade The Sky is Falling : Italian, 22nd Feb. Pelle the Conqueror Swedish/Danish, 29th Feb. Living It's never too late to start : British1st March Like Water for Chocolate Como agur para chocolate. Do join this flexible self help group. Come when you can. You are always welcome. There is a tea break. Wendy 01756 752907

Film International Extra (54194/films)

This is a ten week course offered in both the autumn and spring terms, providing films from around the world, with English sub-titles. There will be refreshments at 50p and a chance to meet other members. Join us for a wide variety of films from around the world. Most films are certified 12 or PG. All have English sub-titles.

Flower Arranging (38669/indoor)

This is a hands-on have-a-go practical course suitable for all skill levels from complete novice to experienced arranger. The session format consists of each member doing their own arrangement a break for refreshments each member explaining the ideas and process that informed their arrangement a discussion about the next technical aspect. My principal aim is to provide a supportive environment in which we can develop skills and creativity together. Members source their own materials, from their garden foraging or shop.

French Advanced (54195/languages)

An opportunity to improve your knowledge and ability in French in a convivial atmosphere using contemporary sources. A reasonable existing level of spoken French is assumed, and needed, as authentic French texts and videos will be used.

French Conversation (39460/languages)

This course is ideally suited to people already able to speak some French and who want to improve their ability and confidence in the spoken word. The class is often split into small groups to discuss topics and also to present a piece to class on a chosen subject. Modern texts and articles are used for reading aloud and to stimulate discussion. Grammar and the written word are also covered.

French From Scratch (54129/languages)

Conversational French to equip you for your next holiday in France. No previous knowledge preferable!French from Scratch is suitable for complete beginners as no previous knowledge will be assumed. The emphasis will be on speaking and understanding the spoken language so that participants will gain the confidence and skills to communicate with French people as they travel across the Channel

Gardening Group (54196/outdoor)

This is a group for members who enjoy gardening. Spending time in the garden amongst the flowers and wildlife can be a joy. You do not have to have a garden to join the group. Why not share your garden with others? This a social group of members who get together and enjoy chatting about plants and also get ideas for their own gardens. We share plants and seeds and have a whatsapp group to communicate with each other , as well as email. We visit each others gardens and enjoy the hospitality provided by our hosts for a couple of hours. More often than not enjoying tea and cake while we chat about the garden. We also run small group trips to RHS gardens and other formal gardens. You do not need to be a ‘Monty Don’ . We are all learning gardening by trial and error! It’s a really great way to meet people and make new friends Key word- Do you enjoy your Garden, Make new friends with similar love of gardening, Share your gardening ideas and knowledge, Spend a lovely summer morning or afternoon in a member’s garden, enjoying the hospitality of the owner Enjoy small group visits to RHS gardens and more formal gardens

Geography Forum (54197/science)

Talks in Skipton by members of the group covering geography history places people weather geology holiday trips walks

Geology Walks (54198/walking)

These morning walks take us through the fascinating geology of Craven.. We go to a local feature, such as a hill, river, quarry or mine. On our walk we look at fossils, rocks and minerals, and see the geology around Skipton and the Yorkshire Dales. Each walk is informally guided by me, and I email out a description a few days beforehand, and you reply if you can come. Beginners and experts are all welcome, we are a friendly group and learn from each other. We meet at 10 am Monday fortnightly at the car parking at the start of the walk (sorry,no dogs). The walks vary from 1 to 4 miles and may involve some scrambling.

German (Continuing) (5389/languages)

For those with a knowledge of German, an interest in improving oral skills, and reading a variety of newspaper/magazine articles from German speaking countries.

Handels Heroines (54131/music)

Although he was never romantically linked with anyone, male or female, Handel showed, in his operas and oratorios, a good understanding of women. The group will hear some beautiful music written for heroines and a few villainesses, and will learn something of the singers and how Baroque opera worked.

History of Art (5393/art)

Art and architecture from Bronze age to Post Impressionism

Indoor Games (54199/indoor)

The group provides an opportunity for members to meet socially during the dreek winter months and to enjoy some FRIENDLY competition. The Venue provides full facilities for darts dominos and pool. Members also have access to a wide range of board and card games including scrabble chess/draughts monopoly canasta whist and bridge. Members are very welcome to bring along their own games to try out. Refreshments are available for purchase from the Lounge Bar during the afternoon.

Italian - Continuing (5400/languages)

This class is for students with a reasonable level of fluency whether obtained through study or visiting/living in Italy. We spend some time chatting in Italian. We d a listening exercise every week, and comprehension exercises that can be prepared at home. We cover a wide range of topics focussed mostly on Italy and things Italian. Occasionally we do some advanced grammar or translation.

Italian Improvers (5399/languages)

This is a 2nd year class with students who have studied with the U3a for one year only. Anyone with a VERY basic fluency and/or reasonable confidence with foreign languages i.e. fluent in another language (ideally latin-based) or having acquired a very basic 'get by' knowledge in Italy would be very welcome. This year we will be extending our very basic vocabulary and starting some grammar from the beginning.

Literary Lives (54133/indoor)

Joint leaders David Turner & Judith Barras. Illustrated talks on the lives of literary figures by David, Judith and Guest Speakers

Mah-Jong (5402/indoor)

Mah Jong is an old Chinese game based on three suites, winds and dragons. It stretches the mind, is competitive and satisfying, but needs concentration!!

Motorcycle Group (40624/outdoor)

We are a group of motorcyclists who enjoy a ride out and a chat. All are welcome. We combine scheduled rides from March to early October , which are usually on Monday or Friday a couple of times a month with ad hoc rides at any time of year when the weather looks good and the urge to roam takes hold. We usually start at Morrisons in Skipton at 10:00am. We run the group via WhatsApp. Contact Harry Taylor if you want to be included in the WhatsApp group.

Music for Fun (5405/music)

This course is purely for the enjoyment of singing and\or playing music. We are not a choir and no perceived ability to do either is required. If you only sing in the shower that's fine. ! Everyone welcome. We don't provide music but words and chords are projected onto the wall. We sing and accompany a very wide variety of songs old and new , including folk and sea shanties classic pop American song book jazz etc. We would like it to be a proactive group where members feel relaxed enough to request songs and \or lead them if they wish and make suggestions. Otherwise the course leaders will choose around a dozen songs each. We have a coffee break when members are encouraged to socialise.Keywords: based in Skipton,mixed group ,amateur, singers, instrumentalists, no audition required.

  • Meets: Tuesday weekly Oct - Mar 10:30 - 12:15 Trinity Methodist Church 9/1/2024 to 12/3/2024 break 13/2/2024
  • Leader(s): Lesley Widdop,Graham Read
  • Contact: Click here to contact the Group Leader
Nature Rambles (54134/walking)

Nature study and observation in the broader local Skipton area. Occasional short walks in locations chosen by group members for guided observation of plants, insects, and other fauna in readily accessible situations. Walks will be weather dependent and notified to group members via email and WhatsApp. There may be very short notice (24-48 hours).

Opera DVDs (54135/music)

To see opera is to see the climax of music and drama, the summit of tragedy and comedy. This is a new Craven u3a group, for anyone interested in exploring opera. We meet fortnightly in Skipton at the Sandylands Sports Centre, and watch an opera chosen and presented by a member of the group, with time for tea and discussion. If you have an opera film on DVD or digital media that you would like to show and give a short talk about, then please offer. I will start off the season with Wagner's opera Das Rheingold. New members can join at anytime

Politics Discussion Group (39075/indoor)

Ongoing whose members discuss a wide range of contemporary events. Prior knowledge of political and govt structures is important.

Popular Music 1920-1970 (39347/music)

We trace the story of popular music from 1920 until 1970. Our music starts with Ragtime and Charleston in the 20's, the beginnings of film music, British dance bands in the 1930's, Film music (Astaire & Rogers, Eddy & McDonald, etc), American big bands, wartime music, post-war popular music in England and America, 1950's theatre and film music, rock 'n roll, 1960's (Beatles, etc). Literally, everything our parents (and ourselves!) have enjoyed over 50 years 1920-1970. We manage to hear 25 different tracks each week, everything from Bing to the Beatles, via Benny and Barbra! Add a break for tea and biscuits (chocolate!) and we enjoy a delightfully nostalgic two hours every Tuesday afternoon. In good company! I promise you a really enjoyable time.

Quilting and Sewing (40133/indoor)

ewing is a wonderfully extensive skill that can be applied to small and large, simple and complicated projects. Items to use daily or pieces to give as presents. The Quilting Group embrace all aspects of sewing. Everyone can sew, you just require a vision of the finished project and the determination to complete it. If you enjoy sewing or want to learn to sew then come along and join our group. We are interested in making all things patchwork from placemats to sophisticated quilts and all the other ways of using this versatile skill. Bring your own work, or a basic sewing kit and some fabric if you want to learn something new. I have ideas for simple starter projects. Everyone welcome, from experienced Quilters/ dressmakers to complete novices. We can all teach each other what we know and ask for help with what we don’t know. We are part of the Skipton U3A and meet in Christ Church Hall, it is large room with plenty of ventilation. Sessions are on Wednesdays 10am to 12am starting on 20th September 2023. Tea, coffee and biscuits available.

Racketball (54201/sport)

Sandylands - Monday 8.50 - 10:50 every week except public holidays. Played on a squash court with similar rules but with a larger ball and racket. Clothing as for squash/tennis with non-marking shoes. A reasonable level of fitness is required. Court fees £2 per session payable in cash or by bank transfer arranged with the Group Leader.

Railway Group (54204/indoor)

Talks on a wide variety of Railway and related topics from historical to modern mainly British but some foreign content included. The talks are given by a mix of group members and guests - some from the railway industry.

Recorder (Continuers) (5416/music)

We are an informal, supportive, self help group (no tutor) and members have a varied amount of musical knowledge. We play all sorts of 2 and 3 part music. Ideally you should have some previous basic experience, but if in doubt please contact me to check standard needed. Requirements: Recorder and portable music stand. Allow £10 for music.

Recorder Ensemble (5417/music)

Four or five part music will be played on Descant, Treble, Tenor and Bass recorders from different genres. It is an asset if members can play more than one instrument. The group is sometimes invited to take part in public performances.

Science+Technology discussion (35161/science)

Discussion of current scientific topics that are of special interest to group members. If members have expertise in a particular area the group would welcome a presentation. The group distributes discussion documents via their website: so familiarity with internet technology would be an advantage. Meetings are held in a hybrid in-person/Zoom format. We will have the internet and a large screen at the venue so that participants and articles can be display to all.

Seeing for Ourselves - Options (54176/indoor)

There are a wide range of local options for people seeking more support or care in later life, or indeed for those of us just looking to downsize or move somewhere more suitable. But do we understand what’s on offer? Is Retirement Living the same as sheltered housing? Is Extra Care the same as a care home? What extra help could we get without moving at all? What does it all cost? We’ll visit a range of places, both for sale and for rent, to find out the answers.

Shorty Walks (54182/walking)

Walks of 2 - 5 miles for those who prefer gentler exercise in a social context. Walks are offered and led by group members. Our programme includes walks in the Dales town trails canals and anything else any member wishes to offer! The information about each walk is emailed monthly with a reminder a few days before each walk. This includes date, time meeting place transport options walk length stiles and a general description of the terrain. All walks are at members’ own risk.

Skipton: The Origins (54178/history)

The course examines the transformation of Skipton from an historic market town concentrated in and around the High Street, to a small industrial town characterised by a distinctive pattern of social and spatial segregation, well ordered housing developments, effective governance, mature social institutions, and extensive railway connections. All of this was underpinned by successful engagement with the expanding cotton textile industry. Although the course draws on historical geography, and social and economic history, no prior knowledge is necessary, and all are welcome. The course is presented mainly as generously illustrated lectures, and the intention is to demonstrate that familiar urban landscapes are rich in historical interest. Terraced housing, mills, chapels, and railways are amongst the themes which will be considered. I hope this will be of particular interest to people who are new to the town as well as those who attended Skipton and the Growth of Suburbia in 2022

Spanish Intermediate (14770/languages)

Somos un pequeño grupo de personas interesadas por el español que ahora ha logrado un nivel intermedio. Nos juntamos cada semana para compartir noticias y conversaciones. Leemos y traducir textos y a menudo repasamos puntos de gramática. Nos vamos turnando para coordinar cada clase semanal.

Stories of Scientists (38681/science)

A series of talks presenting the life and work of scientists and engineers, some of whom deserve better recognition, having flown under the radar, especially women scientists and engineers. The breadth of topics is very wide and covers not only recent achievements but also those from history, e.g. the North Yorks doctor who discovered the link between typhoid and contaminated drinking water. The talks are given by members of the group.

Stretching/Movement (54181/sport)

Gentle exercise to improve flexibility posture and balance. Some standing, but mostly chair exercise. Please wear comfortable clothing and soft shoes and bring a bottle of water.

Stretching/Yoga (54180/sport)

Exercise to improve flexibility posture and balance. You should be able to do shoulder stands and sit down on your heels, Floor work is a crucial part of the class. Please bring a mat and bottle of water and wear comfortable clothing and soft shoes

Sunday Lunch Club (54179/indoor)

Whats App group who agree monthly Sunday Lunch Club venues

Table Tennis (5424/sport)

Have fun and improve your fitness and coordination at the same time. Beginners welcome.

Ten-Pin Bowling (5425/sport)

We play 2 games each week at a cost of £4/£5 . The session starts at 2 pm and lasts approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. This is friendly bowling no experience required.

The Economic History of the War (54160/history)

This course will examine how the combatant managed and organised their economic resources and ultimately effected the outcome of the conflicts.

The Story Behind the Song (54148/music)

We'll look at songs we all know and trace their history. Pop songs, hymns, playground songs, folk songs and the songs we sang at school. They all have an interesting past. Members will not be expected to sing.

The World of Art (46218/art)

A guide to art galleries of the world - essentially Europe and the U.S, their collections and highlights, as well as costs and practical information. Inevitably along the way we meet new and familiar artists and movements and share our enthusiasms and not! The leader provides powerpoints and virtual tours/selection of highlights and books for reference but there is plenty of opportunity for members to present brief guides to their favourite galleries and artists and all are encouraged to bring their books/photos and recollections. Last year we learnt a lot from one another and made friends as well as visiting Manchester's Art Gallery.

Walk to Lunch (38707/walking)

We offer morning walks of up to 5 miles followed by a pub/café lunch. Please note that a regular commitment to walks is required and pre-booking for walks/lunches is essential. Members must be fit to walk at a good pace and manage hills and stiles. Meeting points and pub menus are circulated by email a week before each walk. You’ll need boots waterproofs and (sometimes) a sense of adventure !! Joint leaders Jenny Robinson and Brigida Martino

Walking Group (54147/walking)

Looking for a Walking Club in and around Skipton?. We offer walk in the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District and Yorkshire Moors throughout the year based from Skipton. We offer a sequence of short (5-7 miles), medium (8-9 miles) and long (10+ miles) with various degrees of difficulty. We plan to meet in Coach Street Car Park, to arrange shared transport. The times will vary and are stated in the Walks Programme. Suitable clothing, footwear, drinks and packed lunches are essential. Join us to meet new friends, walk in the glorious setting of the Yorkshire Dales and Moors together with walks in the Lake District National Park. All walks are at the members’ own risk. Sorry no dogs. Walk Programmes are distributed by email. If you do not have email, please phone Phillip Sugden to get a hard copy of the programme.

Walking Netball (38683/sport)

To introduce ex-players to a sport they have always loved or to engage adults in a sport they didn’t realise they could enjoy. We will develop walking netball skills at a slower pace for everyone to increase physical and social health ; open to everyone ; there is a health questionnaire for participants to assess themselves , anyone unsure if they are fit to participate should speak to someone at their GP practice.

Water Colour Painting (46556/art)

A painting group for all levels. There is no formal tuition but group members help each other.

Wharfedale Walking (54146/walking)

A friendly way to walk, for reasonably good walkers, at an easy pace up and down the dales. Walks are on Saturdays, weather permitting and mainly in Wharfedale. We meet at the start of the walk at 10.00.We like to stop from time to time to take in the scenery and anything else of interest during the walk. You should have appropriate clothing boots drink and a picnic lunch. Typically, walks will be between 5 and 8 miles. (Sorry but no dogs). A few days before each Saturday walk a detailed description of the walk is sent by e-mail, and you reply if you can come. New walkers are welcome to join at any time. Occasional walks during the Summer

Woodturning 1 (5431/indoor)

A mixed ability class. Beginners will be taught basic techniques. Returners will undertake more ambitious projects. N.B. This course involves moving machinery and sharp tools, so there are health and safety issues, which will be taught. There will be some exposure to dust, so it may not be advisable for those with breathing difficulties. Physical strength is not required, so it is suitable for both sexes. Persons with health problems such as postural hypotension MUST inform the Group Leader. Additional cost <£5 for cost of materials, wood.

Woodturning 2 (5432/indoor)

A mixed ability class. Beginners will be taught basic techniques. Returners will undertake more ambitious projects. N.B. This course involves moving machinery and sharp tools, so there are health and safety issues, which will be taught. There will be some exposure to dust, so it may not be advisable for those with breathing difficulties. Physical strength is not required, so it is suitable for both sexes. Persons with health problems such as postural hypotension MUST inform the Group Leader. Additional cost <£5 for cost of materials, wood. NB the time may be brought forward 30 minutes.

Woodturning in Summer (54145/indoor)

This group will be held in a woodturning club in Carleton. There will be 10 sessions in which I will do a demonstration of a project and the leave it to the group to make the piece themselves. This course is more suited to those with a bit of experience in woodturning but will not be too challenging. NB the premises to be used involve rough terrrain in the approach and a steep staircase. There are no toilet or kitchen facilities so members must bring their own refreshments.£20.00/term