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Do you play a musical instrument or want to play with others, or merely to enjoy playing with music? Explore some the great works of past masters of music

Music for Fun (5405/music)

The course is for the enjoyment of singing and playing music. Singers and/or musicians welcome. We do not provide music, but words and chords are projected on to the wall. We sing and accompany a variety of songs including folk, classic pop, American song book, jazz etc. Members are invited to request songs and/or to lead them if they feel able. The course leaders will lead songs but we would like it to be a proactive group where members feel they can contribute and make requests and suggestions.

Craven u3a Orchestra (5407/music)

If you play, or have ever played, an instrument you will be welcome at the orchestra. Our members have varying levels of skill, from beginners to the highly proficient, but all share an enthusiasm for making music together. Our repertoire ranges widely over the musical landscape – Dowland, Handel, Schubert and Vaughan Williams have all featured in our annual concerts. We also play music from films and musicals. The rehearsals are always an enjoyable and rewarding way of spending an afternoon. We are very much looking forward to meeting together again after our long break and hope you will join us. There may be small charge for music or additional rehearsal.

Recorder (Continuers) (5416/music)

We are an informal, supportive, self help group (no tutor) and members have a varied amount of musical knowledge. We play all sorts of 2, 3, and 4 part music. Ideally you should have some previous basic experience, but if in doubt please contact me to check standard needed. Requirements: Recorder and portable music stand. Allow £10 for music.

Recorder Ensemble (5417/music)

Four or five part music will be played on Descant, Treble, Tenor and Bass recorders from different genres. It is an asset if members can play more than one instrument. The group is sometimes invited to take part in public performances.

Sacred Music Medieval Baroque (14771/music)

We will follow the development of religious music from early plainchant through Renaissance polyphonic masses to the splendours of the Baroque oratorio and cantata, from Hildegard of Bingen to J.S. Bach, and learn a little about the life story of each of the composers.

Popular Music 1920-1970 (39347/music)

We trace the story of popular music from 1920 until 1970. Our music starts with Ragtime and Charleston in the 20's, the beginnings of film music, British dance bands in the 1930's, Film music (Astaire & Rogers, Eddy & McDonald, etc), American big bands, wartime music, post-war popular music in England and America, 1950's theatre and film music, rock 'n roll, 1960's (Beatles, etc). Literally, everything our parents (and ourselves!) have enjoyed over 50 years 1920-1970. We manage to hear 25 different tracks each week, everything from Bing to the Beatles, via Benny and Barbra! Add a break for tea and biscuits (chocolate!). Informal, friendly, nostalgic, enjoyable,- and more!

Hey, nonny no! Madrigals (46048/music)

The English madrigal, which flourished briefly in the latter part of the reign of Elizabeth I, is arguably our first indigenous contribution to European secular music. These part-songs with their witty lyrics and ingenious word painting are still sung today and can be listened to with enjoyment. Yet their origins lie in Italy and with the beginnings of the baroque. We shall look at the history and development of the madrigal and at the composers who wrote them, listen to recorded musical illustrations and, if the group wishes, attempt to sing them as well. Photocopies of the notes and music will be available at cost.