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In Skipton and Craven area you have the opportunity, if you enjoy playing music, to play with others and further your enjoyment of your chosen musical instrument. Come along and play play with others, or increase your enjoyment playing music? Explore some the great works of past masters of music

Music for Fun (5405/music)

This course is purely for the enjoyment of singing and\or playing music. We are not a choir and no perceived ability to do either is required. If you only sing in the shower that's fine. ! Everyone welcome. We don't provide music but words and chords are projected onto the wall. We sing and accompany a very wide variety of songs old and new , including folk and sea shanties classic pop American song book jazz etc. We would like it to be a proactive group where members feel relaxed enough to request songs and \or lead them if they wish and make suggestions. Otherwise the course leaders will choose around a dozen songs each. We have a coffee break when members are encouraged to socialise.Keywords: based in Skipton,mixed group ,amateur, singers, instrumentalists, no audition required.

Craven u3a Orchestra (5407/music)

If you play, or have ever played, an instrument you will be welcome at the orchestra. Our members have varying levels of skill from beginners to the highly proficient, but all share an enthusiasm for making music together. Our repertoire ranges widely over the musical landscape from Mozart and Haydn to Johann Strauss. We also play music from films and musicals. The rehearsals are always an enjoyable and rewarding way of spending an afternoon.

Recorder (Continuers) (5416/music)

We are an informal, supportive, self help group (no tutor) and members have a varied amount of musical knowledge. We play all sorts of 2, 3, and 4 part music. Ideally you should have some previous basic experience, but if in doubt please contact me to check standard needed. Requirements: Recorder and portable music stand. Allow £10 for music.

Recorder Ensemble (5417/music)

Four or five part music will be played on Descant, Treble, Tenor and Bass recorders from different genres. It is an asset if members can play more than one instrument. The group is sometimes invited to take part in public performances.

Popular Music 1920-1970 (39347/music)

We trace the story of popular music from 1920 until 1970. Our music starts with Ragtime and Charleston in the 20's, the beginnings of film music, British dance bands in the 1930's, Film music (Astaire & Rogers, Eddy & McDonald, etc), American big bands, wartime music, post-war popular music in England and America, 1950's theatre and film music, rock 'n roll, 1960's (Beatles, etc). Literally, everything our parents (and ourselves!) have enjoyed over 50 years 1920-1970. We manage to hear 25 different tracks each week, everything from Bing to the Beatles, via Benny and Barbra! Add a break for tea and biscuits (chocolate!) and we enjoy a delightfully nostalgic two hours every Tuesday afternoon. In good company! I promise you a really enjoyable time.

Singing Madrigals (46048/music)

Following on from last year's history of madrigals - Hey! nonny no - in this course we shall get together to sing examples of English madrigals and other simple part songs. Singing in parts is a group activity where we support each other and is good for both body and mind. Enthusiasm and a willingness to try will be more important than musical experience, although some knowledge of musical notation will help.

Adventure into Classical Music (54120/music)

Are you looking for a Music club in Skipton? Do you enjoy listening to classical music but wish you knew more of it and more about it? This group aims to cater for you - we shall listen to all sorts of music - often starting from something familiar and then exploring pieces that relate to it, always accompanied by some explanation or story which sheds new light or asks an intriguing question. There will also be a strand of discovery in each meeting - on this occasion we shall be looking at the development of the string quartet over the last three centuries.

Handel's Heroines (54131/music)

Although he was never romantically linked with anyone, male or female, Handel showed, in his operas and oratorios, a good understanding of women. The group will hear some beautiful music written for heroines and a few villainesses, and will learn something of the singers and how Baroque opera worked.

Recorder Beginners (54136/music)

A new course for beginners or returners. We will work through a tutor book together, with the aim of eventually joining the 'Recorder Continuers' group on a Monday afternoon.  Day, time and content is flexible, depending on the requirements of participants. Requirements: Descant or treble recorder and portable music stand.  Initial loan possible. Any additional costs to members - Allow £5 for music.

The Story Behind the Song (54148/music)

We'll look at songs we all know and trace their history. Pop songs, hymns, playground songs, folk songs and the songs we sang at school. They all have an interesting past. Members will not be expected to sing.