Group Vacant Places 2019-20

Group Vacancies 2019

History of Art Group

Below is a list of groups with vacancies. In many cases there are only one or two places left and these may get filled quickly. These groups are now open for on-line joining. To do this log on to the membership portal with your membership details, then click on groups to display the full list of groups. If there are vacant places you will have the option to join the group.

Alternatively you can send in another membership form (2nd page for groups) by post. However the group may be filled before the form is received.

List updated 10th September 2019


Allotment                                                                        All Year

Looking at the History of Medicine           10:00     Autumn

Recorder Ensemble                                       13:30     Autumn & Spring

Exploring English Poetry                             14:00     Spring

Italian (Continuation)                                  14:00     Autumn & Spring

Recorder (Continuers)                                 16:00     Autumn & Spring


Tuesday Treckers                                                        All Year

German (Continuing)                                  10:00     Autumn & Spring

Music for Fun                                                10:30     Autumn

Crown Green Bowls 3                                  13:30     Summer

Film International Extra                            13:30     Spring

Films from Japan and Nordic Countries  13:30     Autumn

Popular Music 1920-1960                          14:00     Autumn & Spring

Spanish level 1 14:00 Autumn & Spring

Watercolours (Leisure)                               14:00     Autumn & Spring


Racketball Wednesday                               09:30     All Year

Aspects of Art and Architecture              10:00     Autumn

Crochet                                                         10:00     Autumn & Spring

Geography Forum                                       10:00     Autumn & Spring

Government and Politics Group 1           10:00     Autumn

Government and Politics Group 2           10:00     Spring

Multi-media in Art 10 am                         10:00     Autumn & Spring

Saga & Wagner                                            10:00     Spring

Stories of Scientists                                    10:00     Spring

Multi-media in Art 1 pm                           13:00     Autumn & Spring

Bellini – Master of Bel Canto                    13:45     Autumn

Craven U3A Orchestra                              14:00     Autumn & Spring

Italian (Improvers)                                     14:00     Autumn & Spring

Exploring the Countryside                                      Summer


Allotment                                                                    All Year

Bridge for Beginners                                 10:00     Autumn & Spring

Calligraphy                                                 10:00     Autumn & Spring

Film International – French                    13:30     Autumn

Film International – Worldwide             13:30     Spring

Bridge – Play                                               14:00     Autumn & Spring

European History                                      14:00     Spring

Skipton and Climate Change                  19:00     Spring


Early Opera – Monteverdi to Gluck       09:30     Autumn

French (Advanced)                                  09:45     Autumn & Spring

Creative Writing                                       10:00     Autumn & Spring

Railway Studies                                         10:00     Autumn & Spring

Film documentaries of 20th Century Life 14:00     Autumn


Ad Hoc Walking Group                                             All Year

Safety on the Web                                                      Various

Walking Group                                                            All Year

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